Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel with four Zones

Fire control panel

Zone Alarm(4 Zone)

  • Operating Voltage:DC 24V+/-15%,AC 220V +10%(-15%),50Hz
  • Storage Batteries:The capacity of the batteries is supplied according to panel type and user's demand. The maximum capacity is 4 Ah .
  • Detector operation voltage:DC 20-24V,
  • Standby current:2.5 mA (when connected with 25 conventional detectors)
  • Fire alarming resistor:150Ω-510Ω(normally 390Ω)
  • Terminal resistor:3.6kΩ
  • Sounder output voltage:DC20-24V,
  • Sounder output current:1 A
  • Sounder terminal resistor:3.6kΩ
  • Fire output:Aux. power output,1A,DC 24V
  • Fault output:Aux. power output 1A,DC 24V
  • Dimension:280mm*320mm*95mm
  • cart
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel with four Zones
•Four Style B (Class B) Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs). •All zones accept two-wire smoke detectors and any normally-open contact devices. •One built-in, Style Y (Class B) Notification Appliance (Signal) Circuits (NACs). •Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory, Form-C relays standard. •24-volt operation. •Resettable four-wire smoke detector power @ 500 mA. •Non-resettable power @ 500 mA. •One-man walk-test programmable for silent or audible test. •Disable/Enable control per IDC. •Reverse polarity protection.
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