• Motion Detectors DDT-7360
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Motion Detectors

  • Detecting Distance:Diameter 18m 
  • Installation method:Top absorption style 
  • Installation height:2.4m height, 9m diameter region;
  • 4.5m height, 18m diameter region 
  • Tamper switch:NC.100mA/30VDC 
  • Alarm output:NC100mA/30VDC 
  • Operating voltage:7.5-16VDC 
  • Operating currency:Static25mA alarm20mA 
  • Operating temperature/humidity:-25°C-+65°C /5%- 95%RH (relevant humidity) 
  • Anti EMI:>30v/m 10MHz~1000MHz 
  • Anti- light interference:>8000LUX 
  • Physical appearance & dimension:172*172*60.5mm
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Cavity MW head+ Dual Infrared Beams The MW adopts stable cavity shape, which is with high stability and long life. Unique digital filter circuit with strong capability of resistance to interference. 44 high density far transmitting region belts, effective elimination of detection blind angle Adoption of Doppler effect + energy analysis Multi layers flexibility adjustment admits it to operate in various situation. The use of multi-layer screen techniques resists to various radiation interference effectively Crust and ceiling tamper switch Detecting scale: diameter18m, 360°
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