• Motion Detectors DDT7306
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Motion Detectors

  • Detecting Distance:18m*18m
  • Installation method/height:Hanging/1.8-3m
  • Detection method:Doppler floating (MW) PIR
  • Detection speed:0.2-7m/s
  • Frequency of MW (GHz):10.687 G
  • Tamper switch:NC.50mA/24VDC
  • Alarm output:NC500mA/30VDC
  • Operating voltage/currency:7.5-16VDC/static25mA alarm20mA
  • Operating temperature/humidity:-25°C -+65°C /relevant humidity over 95%
  • Anti EMI:>30v/m 10MHz---1000MHz
  • Anti- light interference:>8000LUX
  • Physical appearance & dimension:119*71*42mm
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* Fully protected 4 beams MW (microwave) head + dual-element infrared (DDT-7306)
Fully protected 4 beams MW (microwave) head + dual-element infrared +fuzzy logic analysis (DDT-7306ATC)
* The MW transmission adopts the most advanced plane Antenna FET oscillator.
* Its fully-protected structure admits it to operate in any severe environment.
* Omni-bearing automatic temperature compensation. Super capability of resistance to intermittent alarm.
* 44 high density far transmitting region with down viewing, elimination of detection blind angle.
* Adoption of Doppler effect + energy analysis

•  The use of double-layer screen techniques resists to various radiation interference effectively
•  Integrated LED display
•  Optional single mode alarm
•  Detection scale: 18*18m

Installation method:Hanging
Installation height:1.8-3m
Detection speed:0.2-7m/s
Frequency of MW(GHz):10.687 G
Tamper switch:NC.50mA/24VDC
Alarm output:NC50mA/3
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