Control Panels

Control Panels,Alarm System

  • The mini panel has three alarm input zones,one alarm relay output,two solid-state outputs,key switch input,instant input and supports three user PIN codes including the master code and one door unlock PIN code.
  • 3 zones and a separate key-switch input
  • 3 user codes and an unlock door code
  • Quick Arm function
  • Built-in piezo buzzer
  • Built-in tamper switch
  • Keys back-lit by LEDs
  • cart
Enclosure Design
Color: Frost White
Indicators: 3 zone LEDS, 2 status LEDs
Dimensions (HxWxD):  
Environmental Considerations
Relative Humidity: 0% to 85% noncondensing
Temperature (Operating): 20°C to +50°C
Alarm Relay: Form "C",contacts rated at 3 A @ 28 VDC or 120 VAC
Solid-State: Two DC current sinks; 250 mA maximum per output at 0.1 VDC saturation.
Power Requirements
Current Draw: 30 mA standby, 70 mA alarm
Voltage (Input): 10.2 VDC to 15 VDC
Zone Characteristics
EOL Resistors: 10 kΩ
Response Time: 500 ms
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