Bunglar Alarm
Pages 1-3
Control Panel (185 Kb)
Control Panel with Keypad.
Pages 1-3
Strobe Light(824 Kb)
Xneon strobe, Flash light, Strobe lights.
Pages 1-3
Piezo Sirens (1,193 Kb)
Piezo siren, buzzer and alarm.
Pages 4-9
Motion Sensor (854 Kb)
Motion Detector, Infra red sensor, Motion sensor.
Pages 4-9
Sirens (246 Kb)
Electric Siren, Horn speaker.
Pages 10-11
Photoelectric Beams (215 Kb)
Photoelectric sensor, Motion sensor.
Pages 1-3
Exterior Sirens (437 Kb)
External Siren, Outdoor siren with strobe.
Pages 12-13
Paradox sensor (1,722 Kb)
Dual PIR , PIR sensor , motion sensor
Pages 4-9
Magnetic contacts (241 Kb)
Reed Switch ,Magnetic contact, Door sensor.
Pages 15-20
CCTV Monitor (1,722 Kb)
LCD monitor , Flat Panel, LCD Monitors
Pages 4-9
alarm series (3.51Mb)
best in security.efficiency,productivity