PIR Sensor

  • Power source:220V/AC~240V/AC 110V/AC~240V/AC
  • Power frequency:50~60Hz 800W
  • Light-control:<3LUX~sunshine light
  • Working time: min: 8sec 3sec max: 7min 2min
  • Rated load:1200W (220V/AC~240V/AC) 800W (110V/AC~130V/AC)
  • 3000W(220V/AC~240V/AC) 1500W(110V/AC~130V/AC)
  • Detection motion speed: 0.6~1.5m/s
  • Detection range:270degree
  • Detection distance:11m max(<24 )
  • Working temperature: -20C~40C
  • Working humidity:<93%RH
  • Installation height:1.5m~2.5m
  • Power consumption:0.45W(static 0.1W)
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  • PIR Sensor
This product is a new energy-saving lighting Switch, adopted two high sensitivity detector, integrated circuit, SMT technology; it gathers the functions of automatism, convenience, safety, energy saving, etc. The wide detection are comprised by right and left two services field, which utilizing body infrared rays as signal control source to star the load when body enter detection field the sensor cans identity day and night automatically. It is used widely and easy to install with the power and detection show functions. *The detection distance can be adjusted: The detection distance is near if you press down the switch, otherwise it is far; *Can identify day and night automatically: The ambient light of working of LX48A.B can be adjusted freely, when you turn it to the sunshine (largest), it can work day and night while it can only work in the circumanstance less than 3LUX, If you turn it to moon (smallest). Please refer to the testing way about the adjustment *Power and detection indication: The indicator lamp flash one time each 4sec after switching on the power, it can flash 2 times each 1sec after receiving the Induction signals. So it can show if the detector and power is normal; *Time-delay added continually: When it receives the second induction signals after the first, it should compute time oncemore on the rest of the first time-delay basis. *Time-delay adjustment: The working time-delay can be adjusted according to the customer desire, the minimums time 8sec 3sec,the maximum is 7min 2min. *Locking function: during working, sensor will keep load lighting when power is shutted off 2 seconds and then on. And shut off the power for 4 seconds and then on, sensor will resume automation.
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