PIR Sensor

  • Power source:90V/AC~240V/AC
  • Power frequency:50~60Hz
  • Light-control:3LUX~1000lux (adjustable)
  • Time-delay:5sec~420sec(adjustable)
  • Rated load:300W (110V/AC) ~ 500W (220V/AC~240V/AC)
  • Detection motion speed:0.6~1.5m/s
  • Detection range:>140
  • Detection distance:12m max (<22 C) (adjustable)
  • Working temperature:-20C~40C
  • Working humidity:<93%RH
  • Installation height:0.4m~1.8m
  • Power consumption:0.45W (static 0.1W)
  • Sound control sensitivity:30db ~ 90db(adjustable)
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  • PIR Sensor
  • PIR Sensor
General: DPS2000 is a new generation infrared sensor by our long-term market forecast and investigation. It has strong stability, it gathers multi-function, practical, good appearance, wide working voltage, convenient installation, detection indication, multi-working mode, etc. It is adopted SMT technique. It is accorded with European standard, it is suitable for automatic control for home, hotel and enterprise. Multi-function: It has ON, OFF, light-control, high sensitive sound control, long distance, wide range infrared detection functions; Practicality: It can work in various ambient-light day and night, it also can work only in low ambient-light by the light-control controls the sound-control, ambient-light when sensor works; Time-delay can be adjusted by yourselves in stipulated range; infrared detection, sound control sensitivity can be controlled by yourselves; Good appearance: The surface design is facility, comely but not losing generosity, the style is elegance, itwill not have accidented feeling after installed; Wide working voltage: 90V/AC~240V/AC 50~60Hz. You will not be worried in Europe if you carry DPS2000. Convenient installation: Two-installation mode for your selection. It can be installed in circular or quadrate junction box; you could fix the sensor with two screws on the junction box in circular one, also fix it with special installation shelf on sensor. In a word, whether the junction box installation orientation is true, DPS2000 makes your installation flatly; Detection indication: The indicator lamp shines one time when it detects each time. You can validate the prominent quality of DPS2000 at any time; Multi-working mode: You could select ON, OFF, infrared detection, infrared detection +sound control mode, if you select infrared detection + sound control mode, the lamp will be on automatically when you knock at the door or say I am coming back at night you come back home, it will make your home more warmer and romantic.
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