• Motion Detectors DDT15
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Motion Detectors

  • Detection distance:18m*18m 
  • Installation way:Wall-hanging 
  • Sensor:Low noise,high flexibility dual beams rectangle infrared 
  • MW frequency:2.45GHz 
  • MW output:Min+5dBm IERP 
  • Tamper switch:NC.,cover detached ,open circuit,0.10A 28VDC 
  • Alarm output:NC.,0.10A 28VDC 
  • Detecting speed:0.2m/s-3.5m/s 
  • Operation voltage:8.2-16VDC 
  • Flexibility:Grade 2,adjustable 
  • Operation temperature:-20°C~+50°C
  • Operation humidity:5%-95%RH(relevant humidity) 
  • Alarm period:2+/-1sec 
  • Anti-visible light:Halogen direct ray and reflex from 2.4m without interference 
  • Anti-RFI:30v/m (10MHz-1000MHz) 
  • Anti-EMI:50000V 
  • MW harmonic emission:-20dBm 
  • Physical appearance & dimension:137*70*53mm(L*W*H)
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Dual PYRO sensor, hard lens detecting efficiency and wrong alarm elimination 
MW detection based on Doppler style 
MW detecting module group with fine-tuning antenna
 VLSI electronic circuit with revolving speed spectrum analysis 
Free calibration of installation height 
With ¡°AND¡± & ¡°OR¡± two alarm functions 
Inter-microwave and PIR flexibility adjustable
 BI style temperature compensation
  Detecting scale: 18m*18m
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