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  Model No. Descripion Certificate Remark
BD-412T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-410T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-408T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-406T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-404T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-212T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-210T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-208T/B(photoelectric beam BD.pdf  
BD-204T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-206T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-610T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
BD-612T/B(photoelectric beam) BD.pdf  
PS-372 PS-372.pdf  
PS-971 PS-971.pdf  
LS-200 LS-200.pdf  
COA-88 Coal Gas / Natural Gas / LPG COA-88.pdf  
COA-88A Coal Gas / Natural Gas COA-88A.pdf  
COA-2008 LPG, natural gas, and coal gas COA-2008.pdf  
CO-170P Portable Gas Detector CO-170P.pdf  
CO-172P Portable Gas Detector CO-172P.pdf  
MCR-1301MD Recessed Mounted MCR-1301MD.pdf  
MCR-1301 Recessed Mounted MCR-1301.pdf  
MCS-1203 Overhead Door Contact MCS-1203.pdf  
MCS-3302 Surface Mount Contact MCS-3302.pdf  
MCS-2202 Surface Mount Contact MCS-2202.pdf  
MCR-2101T Recessed Mounted MCR-2101T.pdf  
MCS-4102 Surface Mount MCS-4102.pdf  
MCR-3101 Recessed Mounted MCR-3101.pdf  
MCS-1102 Surface Mounted MCS-1102.pdf  
MCS-3102 Surface Mounted MCS-3102.pdf  
MCR-1101 Recessed Mounted MCR-1101.pdf  
MCR-1101MD Recessed Mounted MCR-1101MD.pdf  
MCR-2101 Recessed Mounted MCR-2101.pdf  
MCR-2101MD Recessed Mounted MCR-2101MD.pdf  
MCR-4101 Recessed Mounted MCR-4101.pdf  
MCR-5101 Recessed Mounted MCR-5101.pdf  
MCR-1601 Recessed Mounted MCR-1601.pdf  
MCR-1701 Recessed Mounted MCR-1701.pdf  
MCR-1901 Recessed Mounted MCR-1901.pdf  
MCR-1201 Recessed Mounted MCR-1201.pdf  
MCR-2201 Recessed Mounted MCR-2201.pdf  
MCR-1401 Recessed Mounted MCR-1401.pdf  
MCS-2102 Surface Mounted MCS-2102.pdf  
MCS-1202 Surface Mounted MCS-1202.pdf  
MCS-3202 Surface Mounted MCS-3202.pdf  
MCS-3402 Surface Mounted MCS-3402.pdf  
MCS-5102 Surface Mounted MCS-5102.pdf  
MCS-7102 Surface Mounted MCS-7102.pdf  
EMC 958 Overhead Door Contact EMC-958.pdf  
ESL81 ESL81.pdf  
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